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Sand and flowers made me think of that William Blake poem, especially as this gorgeous gaelic beauty’s name is Grainne… To see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower… :-) More photos from Grainne and Etienne’s Noordhoek eshoot with this beautiful Fleur le Cordeur flower crown coming soon…

Lady Summer has made her grand entrance finally here in Elgin and these are the perfect way to mark the occasion :-) Find the Food Fox’s classic mojito recipe here on our weekly food column for the gorgeous Pretty Blog!

So last week I flew to Italy to photograph Julia and Henry’s wedding in gorgeous Tuscany!! Ok, so I’m seriously kidding about that, but Noordhoek was just as beautiful for this awesome couple on their wedding day… Julia, too gorgeous!!

So we introduce baby Kate to the gorgeous Botha family… Angelic…

Get your apron, a lappie and a mixing bowl ready – this is a seriously simple and deeeelish recipe! Find the details here on the Pretty Blog’s weekly food column that we shoot :-) It’s a pleasure and happy baking ;-)

Do you remember Tanya’s maternity shoot on a cloudy Betty’s Bay beach? Can you believe that was over two years ago and today we’re sharing her family shoot with little Cullan running around and beaming for the camera??!! I just dropped my youngest daughter off at ‘big school’ for the first time and I’m really appreciating the bittersweet moments of watching these precious kiddies grow up… Enjoy the photos :-)

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So this pic of the STUNNING Danette and Joe happened about 5 minutes before a train came hurtling past on the tracks – totally worth it!! ;-)

There are so many reasons why I loved this shoot, not least because it meant that I got to hang out with my super creative friend Heike from Fleur le Cordeur for the whole day :-D In terms of the actual shooting it really was a joy – from the textures of the house, to the gorgeous models and jewellery… and don’t forget ALL THAT BEAUTIFUL YELLOW!! There’s so much talent down here in the Western Cape, I feel ridiculously privileged to capture a fraction of it in camera…

Heike and I chatted for ages about this shoot and we really wanted to push the bridal concept a little more ‘out there’ – a little less traditional and a lot more playful… These are a few of my favourites from the day… Enjoy!

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This has to be my lunch recipe of the year!! And the fab thing is that it’s not really a ‘recipe’ at all – just a glorious throwing together of exquisitely delicious things into a summery feast! Find all the details here on the Pretty Blog’s wonderful food column. This really is one to try, for yourself or with some friends and a bottle of chilled Semillon!

It was such a treat to spend the afternoon with Selmari and Dirk and their little ‘Batbaby’ :-D It was a chilly and windy Kleinmond beach but they kept a brave face!! There is always something so radiant about maternity shoots and I hope we managed to capture a little bit of this in the gentle beach light. Selmari, thank you so much for all your help over the past years’ weddings we’ve done together and I can’t wait to meet your little boy soon!

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Can you believe how gorgeous Tanya is?!? From this weekend’s family shoot…

There couldn’t have been a better wedding to start my new season off with… I ADORE home weddings and farm weddings and beach weddings and this was a wonderful combination of all three :-) What I really love about Claudine and Pieter-Philip was their happy, no-fuss attitude to the whole day which made everything flow so beautifully! The other delight was to work with the wonderful team at Kraak, who’s good taste, organisation and can do attitude created a celebration so special and beautifully unique. So enough with me talking, here are the photos of Claudine and Pieter-Philip’s truly beautiful West Coast wedding… SO many thanks to my assistant on the day Angelique Smith. Have a peek at their photo booth photos here!

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Homemade dulce de leche and homemade biscuits in one devastatingly awesome and gooey combination? That must be another notch in the domestic goddess belt/apron ties :-D Go start baking now!! Find the Food Fox’s super recipe here on the ever-inspiring Pretty Blog’s weekly food column.

Suuuuch pretty colours for Selmari and Dirk’s windswept maternity shoot sneak peek :-D

Having the greens as part of the quiche is pretty inspiring for a lovely, fresh and oh so beautiful summer lunch! Find the Food Fox’s super recipe here on the wonderful Pretty Blog.