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Sweet comforting treats are the heart of traditional Afrikaner cooking – think koeksisters, malva pudding and the best milk tarts – they’re the food equivalent of a big happy hug from your tannie! These plump butternut delicacies are no exception :-D Plus anything covered in caramel can only be a good thing, right?! I’m counting these as one of my ‘five a day’ ;-) Find the Food Fox’s super recipe here on the Pretty Blog’s wonderful weekly food column.

This little munchkin is a real angel!! At barely six weeks old she put up with a big camera in her face, changing out of warm clothes on a winters day and being a perfect model wherever mum and dad placed her!

What a little trooper you are, Rebekah :-) And how lucky to have landed the most doting parents in the whole of the Western Cape – you are so loved little one!!

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I love the fact that Ilse from The Food Fox calls this a salad – not a slice of cucumber within 100 kms ;-) This really is a winter salad – hearty, earthy, spicy and zesty! I’m a huge fan of chorizo, in fact of paprika in general – especially smoked paprika – so this is a real winner of a recipe for me! If this sounds up your street too then find the super recipe here on our weekly food column for the wonderful Pretty Blog’s. Enjoy!

Soooo we spent the whole day yesterday messing around some abandoned ruins shooting floral creations from the unbelievably talented and inspiring Heike of Fleur le Cordeur. She’s just a great gal to spend the day with!!! :-D Here’s a tiny peek featuring the gorgeous Nadia… Incredible make-up and hair from¬†Yolande du Toit and a stunning two piece bridal outfit from Janita Toerien.

Polenta is as comforting as nursery food. I’m so glad that in recent years it’s been given a more grown up make-over so that more people are encouraged to try it! A bit of cream and parmesan really take this to a whole other level – but hey, what doesn’t benefit from a bit of cream and parmesan ;-D Find the Food Fox’s super recipe here on the wonderful Pretty Blog. A real winter classic!!

Black and white photographs aren’t always an easy sell… It’s sad to say, but it’s understandable why colour images are so much more of a real reflection of the day. But looking from a photographers point of view I find so much to love in a beautiful, evocative monochrome image and I wanted to take a little time to share some of my favourites from the past few years. I hope you love these moment as much as I do…

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What a wedding to end off this year’s season! Michelle and Travis said their vows and partied the night away at Langkloof Roses, one of my favourite venues!! The amazing team at Langkloof have made this rose farm into a wonderful little gem hidden just outside of Wellington, full of such charm and creativity. My weddings at Langkloof always seem to be heart-fillingly emotional affairs and this one was no exception. Since both of their dads have sadly passed away this was an especially emotional day for Michelle and Travis. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, mine included… Michelle and Travis, you two are something special… You’ve been through so much and it seems to have only made you stronger and I know your own family in the coming years will feel loved and cherished because of it… Where are those tissues? Assisted by the lovely Claire Harries Photography.

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I love the blog post that my great friend Ilse from the Food Fox wrote about her dad for Father’s Day – such a beautiful insight into a man’s life and his daughter’s cherished view of it. I really also love how life’s little pleasures, like this lunch she made for him, become the foundations for our happier, bigger lives. Simple and perfect… Find the super recipe here on the lovely Pretty Blog’s weekly food column.

A little bit of serene prettiness to start off the week :-) Gooooorgeous Michelle on her beautiful wedding day…